Weight Cutting Tips For Muay Thai Fighters

(Last Updated On: August 2, 2019)

Looking for tried and tested weight cutting tips for Muay Thai fighters?  Cutting weight without sacrificing your agility and strength is of utmost importance in any type of sport.  Whether Muay Thai, MMA, boxing, or even any ball sports, a fighter or an athlete needs to lose the unwanted pounds to keep their body flexible, nimble, and quick.  This is even more important when fighting in the Muay Thai ring.

Weight Cutting At A Glance

Keeping the odds in your favor inside the 4 corners of the Muay Thai ring requires vigilance, not just on your drills and spars, but also on your body weight.  Fighters weighing the right poundage while developing the right muscle mass can greatly enjoy from their focused strength and power advantage.  The idea, however, is to cut weight wisely.  This means, keeping a healthy BMI when training and cutting it out for the “weigh in”, then adding rehydrating/refueling for added pounds just before a fight.

Pre-Weight Cutting

Prior to beginning cutting unwanted pounds off your Muay Thai girth, it is essential to know the following Do’s and Don’ts:

  • Do identify how much weight must you lose.
  • Don’t lose more than 20 pounds. If this not possible, consider fighting in a heavier Muay Thai weight class.
  • Do remember to distinguish the weight you were at your top form.
  • Don’t just cut weight per se, but rather, do it in such a way that it will improve your form and enhance your performance level during a fight.
  • Do make it a foolproof commitment to go on with a strict diet regimen.  There is nothing more demeaning than being disqualified for a fight due to weight issues.
  • Don’t cheat on meals.  It’s a given.  Discipline must be inculcated upon yourself prior to carving a weight cutting regimen.

During Weight Cutting

Once you are ready to engage in weight cutting, adequate care must be done.  Your safety and health are still foremost in any training regimen thus, certain cutting tips for Muay Thai fighters must be taken into mind.

Water Intake Restriction

  • Do cut water weight effectively by safely restricting your fluid intake.  You can start a regimen by practicing how much water you can exhaust from your diet.  If weigh in is scheduled on a Friday, for instance, you can begin drinking 2 gallons of water simultaneously from Sunday to Tuesday then, decrease to a gallon on a Wednesday, then zero water intake at least 24 hours prior to the weigh in.
  • Don’t consume salt during the duration of the water weight cut regimen as it will only diminish your efforts.
  • Do record you weight prior to the water restriction regimen and then, compare it to your current weight to identify how much you’ve lost.

Sweating It Out

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  • Do infuse various programs that allow you to sweat it out when thinking of cutting weight effectively and safely.
  • Do remember to utilize as little energy as possible while making yourself sweat like there’s no tomorrow.
  • Do engage in less strenuous yet sweat-inducing activities like jumping rope, distance running, calisthenics, and bag or pad work.
  • Do wear sweat-inducing fabrics.  Heavy clothing may seem the easiest route but it may ruin your agility.  Wear leather or neoprene instead to keep your perspiration level on high.
  • Don’t linger too long in sauna or hot baths.  Sit around for 15 to 30 minutes and make sure to check your weight every now and then.


  • Do empty your bowels.  Some people induce diarrhea but that would be too risky.  Instead, go for all-natural laxatives like adding ginger juice, apple juice and lemon juice, or drop essential oils into your water to excrete waste in the colon.
  • Don’t overdo colon cleanse though.  Instead of helping, it may even deplete your energy prior to the fight.

When cutting weight, remember to eat healthy, easy to digest foods.  Ditch sugary and salty foods.  Fast foods and other “heavy” foods must also be avoided at all times.  Try to practice this method even without any impending fight.  The more you hone your discipline in cutting weight, the easier it is for you to move when the time calls for it.

Post Weight Cutting Tips

Once you’ve already make it to the right weight cut, it is essential to consume adequate amount of water.  Go for coco water or water suffused with electrolytes.  This will add more energy to your performance.  Take small portions of food every two to three hours.  Binge eating will only make your stomach feel bloated or worse, wreaking havoc to your digestive tract.

Important Precautions

As there are various benefits to weight cutting, there are also dangers when its done incorrectly or haphazardly.  Do it slow and easy, yet consistently.  You cannot master these weight cutting tips for Muay Thai fighters in one fell swoop.  It needs practice and a lot of self-discipline.  Being reckless will get you nothing but harm.