Top 3 Muay Thai Headgears To Guarantee Training Safety

(Last Updated On: June 2, 2019)

Do you really need a head gear when training for Muay Thai?  Though not a standard necessity in training camps, Muay Thai head gears are crucial in ensuring safety from risks of life threatening injuries. It helps prevent not just facial bruising but also ear injuries and other soft tissue damages. In a way, its main purpose is to protect you from debilitating concussive force.

When you aim to improve your skills in fighting without getting hurt or deforming your face in the process, it is important to consider various aspects in picking the best headgear for Muay Thai training such as weight, durability, size, padding type, and of course, visibility.  To get you started, here are the top brands and its bestselling model to consider.

Top King – Empower Creativity Head Gear

Considered as one of the most popular brand in the global Muay Thai community, each of Top King’s headgear models are made to last.  Made with high quality leather material and thick foam padding, Top Kings head gears offer excellent protection during sparring.  Old models, however, tend to be a wide-angle design making it difficult for narrow or elongated -faced individuals to maintain their, vision.

Fortunately, the Top King Empower Creativity Head Gear resolves such long-drawn issues.  Covered in full leather with multi-layered inner foam design, it guarantees protection to the cheeks, forehead, ears, chin and back of the head.  Cheek protectors are also designed to optimize visibility even to under-eye shots.  The Inner layer is also smoother for ease of cleaning and padded for comfort.  With lace-up top and hook-and-loop back closure, it guarantees a secure fit all the time.  Color comes in Black and Gold to suit your style.

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Top King Empower Creativity Head Gear

Fairtex Super Sparring Head Guard

Another popular brand in Muay Thai headgears is Fairtex.  Most of its highly recommended models, however, are designed for advanced fighters as they are designed with less foam padding to improve visibility and agility.  Cheek, forehead and chin, however, have added padding protection complemented with back strap for a secure feel.  Durable and made of high quality leather, it features a cozy inner, but hard outside shell for maximum shock absorbency.

It’s bestselling model, the Fairtex SUPER SPARRING HEAD GUARD is, “all that”.  Longer lasting and fits comfortably to various types of head shapes and sizes, it ensures comprehensive coverage in preventing head injuries while maximizing clearer vision during a fight or a spar.  It’s unique curved chin protector and wind shield ear protector also rocks in making sparring time feel like real competition.  For a more secure fit, it comes with an adjustable lace-up top and padded hook-and-loop closure.

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Winning USAFG-5000

Considered the best and most popular headgear for boxing on the market, WinningUSA has always been used by top boxers like Manny Pacquaio when training.  No wonder many Muay Thai fighters and trainers alike also go for this lightweight brand.  One of its best offers this year is the FG-5000, a perfect reboot of its FG-2900 model.

Lightweight at 20oz, it guarantees excellent visibility, snug-fit comfort, and maximum protection.  Padding is thick but exudes a barely-there fare, it offers higher degree of visibility than any other brand.  The FG-5000 is called “bomb-proof” by Muay Thai pros as it offers well-rounded protection for the nose, chin, cheeks, forehead, and so on.  Wearing one feels so natural that fighters can easily adjust to its mold.  However, price can be steeper than the other two brands mentioned above.

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WinningUSA FG-5000 Muay Thai Headgear

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The best Muay Thai headgears are not necessarily the expensive ones.  Because, frankly speaking, you can still get the wind knocked out of you even with headgear on.  However, finding the right fit and cushion as well as one that endures the test of time can help protect the brain from any repeated blows to the head.  So see a headgear as a last resort and always aim to deflect blows that may give you a concussion.