Tips To Buying Custom Muay Thai Shorts

(Last Updated On: June 27, 2019)

Ever wonder where to buy those flashy custom Muay Thai shorts sported by various fighters?  There’s more to those shorts though than what meets the eye– and definitely, making a fashion statement is the least of your concern when up in the ring.  Unlike other combat sports, Muay Thai uses specially-designed shorts cut to aid a fighter’s flexibility, agility, and stability when in a fight or even when in training.  But where do you buy your first pair and why would custom-fitted designs suit you best?

Why Buy Custom Muay Thai Shorts

As mentioned, Muay Thai shorts custom made and fabricated to suit your unique taste are designed to aid your fighting stance.  It is no longer just about being fashionably chic when in the ring.  Let’s admit the fact that you’ll be fighting tooth and nail out there, and looking good is definitely the least of your concerns.  This is even more so when you have a body type that’s difficult to find the right fit for.  By buying custom-fitted shorts for your Muay Thai fight or training, you can finally wear one that snugly fits your frame.

Cut length of your shorts is also best when buying them custom-made.  Muay Thai shorts are typically shorter in length than other shorts for various combat sports disciplines.  The main contention is to wear one that allows maximum freedom in movement, particularly when using the knees and doing kicks.  Even when on the shorter side, these custom made shorts still ensure zero slip-ups preventing you from showing your underwear when fighting or training.

Buying custom-made Muay Thai shorts also allows you the freedom to choose the type of materials to be used.  Satin and nylon fabrics are commonly used by many popular brands.  They’re soft and easily conform to anyone’s physique.  Today, however, there are various high quality materials that offer dry-fit quality, anti-bacterial mechanism, sweat-wicking, or odor resistance.  And if you want a unique logo or design that’s entirely your own or that of your training team, you can also request such to fully satiate your taste and preference.

Top Brands In Custom Muay Thai Shorts

There are actually two ways to buy your own custom Muay Thai shorts.  You can simply buy off the rack when visiting a store in Thailand or a nearby sporting goods store offering the same.  You can simply bring it to your neighborhood tailoring shop, or armed with your sewing skills, you may also make necessary adjustments to customize the size, cut, and even add your own patch to the shorts.


Here are popular brands that offer off-the-shelf Muay Thai shorts which you can freely customize:

  • Top King
  • Fairtex
  • Twins

Some local brands in Thailand also have online sites which you can pre-order custom shorts from to fit your unique frame.  You can choose from their online catalog, then have your choices fitted according to your preferred size, length, material, design, and so on.  You may notice that price can be a little steeper when it comes to custom-fitted Muay Thai shorts.  Add to that the shipping fee.  To save, you may buy in bulk to save on shipping charges and to haggle for discounts.  Gathering other Muay Thai enthusiasts and friends who are as involved as you to the sport may also help lessen the shipping burden and allow more chances of being given a discount by these suppliers.


Here is an excellent local source of Custom Muay Thai shorts in Thailand.

Finding The Right Size (Or Length)

When it comes to custom Muay Thai shorts, finding the right size may be a challenge.  Keep in mind that your shorts must be designed to aid in your flexibility, agility, and stability– and not constrict your movement.  So it is of utmost importance that you wear one you’re comfortable with and that allows you to easily move around without any hitch.  While manufacturers often offer a size chart, keep in mind to check if such is patterned for European or North American sizes.  If not indicated, it is most likely based on Asian size which is a tad smaller.  European large sizes may sometimes convert into 2XL in local size, so as always, check the size chart before adding one to your online cart.  Have fun shopping, or fighting!