Tips on Choosing The Best Muay Thai Punching Bag

(Last Updated On: August 2, 2019)

When it comes to honing a fighter’s striking skills, a quality Muay Thai punching bag is known to deliver awesome results.  These heavy bags are popular in sharpening your striking skills, not just in the punching department, but also in mastering kicks and clinches– and developing more effective timing when doing so.

Punching bags offer a host of benefits to Muay Thai fighters both beginner and advanced.  Apart from developing power-packed punches, they help to improve coordination, speed, accuracy, and timing of punches and kicks.  They help to improve one’s reflexes and speed of reaction, as well as strengthen knuckles and shins.  Knowing the right distance and spacing is also an important aspect in training.  So does building power combinations and honing footwork.  And all these attributes can be trained and enhanced with the right punching bag.

With the surging popularity of Muay Thai in the West, the market has risen to the occasion by providing a wide variety of styles and brands from which to choose from.  When thinking of buying a punching bag to train on your own, various points must be taken into account.

Here’s a rundown on what to look for when choosing the best Muay Thai punching bag for the first time…

1.  Consider size and weight when choosing a punching bag.  A rule of thumb in Muay Thai training is that one’s choice of heavy bag must be half of a person’s body weight.  However, If you belong to the lightweight department, this can pose a huge problem.  You would not want to buy a bag that moves easily with your kicks and punches.  You also would not want one that can cause injury to your limbs.

2.  Muay Thai heavy bags are known for their unique length– longer than the usual bag.  Keep in mind that not all punching bags are Muay Thai bags.  Being a unique discipline, Muay Thai punching bags are designed to cater to full range target areas including low kicks as well as head and body shots.  When buying, it is highly recommended to choose one that’s heavy and long, like the Everlast Thai heavy bag to accommodate various strike levels.

3.  There are many types of Muay Thai punching bags to train with–and your choice is often dependent on available training space.  There are various types of punching bags used in Muay Thai training namely, heavy bags, hanging bags, angled heavy bags, teardrop heavy bags, speed bags, free-standing bags, banana bags, aqua bags, and so on.  Hanging bags and speed bags (see VKtech Double End Speed Bag below) are known to help improve power-packed punches.

4.  Another important factor to consider is the material your punching bag is made of.  Muay Thai training is not for the faint of heart.  You will train day and night to hone your skills, and for that, you will need a tough punching bag to take the beatings.  Popular options are heavy duty vinyl and synthetic leather for their budget-friendly price.  Leather punching bags, however, are known to deliver the best bang for your buck in terms of longevity and efficiency.  As important as the outer cover, however, is the filler or inner material.  While sand is quite popular in Thailand training outlets, fiber and foam are also good options.

This heavy bag from Everlast below is made with a premium synthetic leather outer material for outstanding durability and shock-absorbent fillers.  It also comes with triple-reinforced ring tabs on top to ensure maximum effiency and toughness, as well as heavy duty chains and swivel for punches, leg kicks and knee strikes during training.

5.  Your brand of choice also makes a lot of difference when it comes to choosing a good Muay Thai punching bag.  Keep in mind that not all punching bags are designed for Muay Thai training.  When it comes to an excellent track record in terms of delivering champions in the field, Everlast, Top King, BiltTuff, Fairtex, Kombat Gear, Outslayer, and Twins Special are just some of the trusted brands out that produce quality equipment for Muay Thai, MMA and other disciplines.

Overall, these factors will heavily affect your choice of the best Muay Thai punching bag for you.  Keep in mind that a good quality bag is essential in honing your fighting skills.  When budget is an issue, however, a standard combination bag at around 100lbs and at least 4 feet in height is your best bet in combat training.  The Century Muay Thai punching bag from Title Boxing (see above) is an excellent choice for that in terms of multi-functionality, durability and efficiency– without breaking the bank.