Retro Muay Thai Shorts: Long In History, Big In Style

(Last Updated On: July 30, 2019)

Starting a training program in Muay Thai and don’t know what to wear?  Would you like to go the traditional route and wear something that’s worthy of the sport?  With more and more celebrities sporting retro Muay Thai shorts, the influx of supplies in different designs are flooding the Western market.  But just because Wiz, or Mia Kang wore it, does not necessarily mean you can just grab any shorts off an online shop and be done with it.  There is definitely more to those designer-savvy retro shorts for Muay Thai than what meets the eye.

Definitely Long In History

The Muay Thai discipline has been around for centuries and has been called by many names.  While today’s shorts designs have been “westernized” as it transitioned into a sport in the early 19th century, old-school fighters are virtually wrapped in chong kraben, a loincloth to cover from the waist down tied with a simple plaid cloth– a pakama– to represent their filial piety, and profound respect for their family, home, and community where they hail from.  As years pass by and the sport blossomed in the global arena, so did the designs for Muay Thai apparel.


Aside from the chong kraben, expert fighters also wear shorter, swimming-trunks like garments like the one above.  Others also settle for mid-cut pants rolled up to the crotch area.  Over the years, however, satin and nylon became popular in the Far East.  And, with Western boxing having reached their shores, so did the influx of new designs and styles up to the retro Muay Thai shorts we know of today.  While the cut, design, and style evolved over the years, one thing is for certain– these shorts are designed to cater to a fighter’s agility, and freedom of movement.

The No-Nos


Like other Asian neighbors, Thailand is rife with superstitions, and deeper respect for what goes beyond the borders of the normal semblance of things.  Even Sak Yant Tattoos like the Paed Tidt, Klaeoklad, Chana Satru, and many more are worn with pride, and resolute belief in the powers of the unseen.  It is no wonder that retro Muay Thai shorts are often embellished with nothing but emblems or prints of a fighter’s “family”– a representation of respect for his trainer, and the pride of its house or training center.

Thai fighters respect for their gods, and emblems are worth mentioning.  This is why the Hayabusa Garuda shorts above will look offensive to a traditional fighter, as it features a divine emblem just right at the crotch area.  In case you don’t know, anything displayed below the waist is considered disrespectful to the Thais and their Asian counterparts.

Never Short On Brands


Today, makers of retro Muay Thai shorts come aplenty.  Brands like Yokkao, Fairtex, Top King, Twins Special, Anthem Athletics, Venum, and Booster FG continue to make waves in offering stylish yet on-point apparel for both training and ring fight.  Designs, however, tend to be generic and comes in either the satin, nylon, or cotton variety.  A pair of Lumpinee Muay Thai Boxing shorts is no different than the “Royal Thai” Retro Shorts from InFightStyle above, or the one from MuayThaiAddict below.  These brands, however, are known to deliver quality locally handcrafted goods made of premium satin, the best choice in Muay Thai shorts, and can be easily accessed through online distribution.


So, the next time you decide on what retro Muay Thai shorts to choose from, let this handy guide on the colorful history, and artistry of Muay Thai apparel help guide your way.  These shorts are not just mere shorts, in the real sense of the word.  When wearing traditional Muay Thai shorts, you are actually representing a historical transcendence, and a lifetime commitment.  Choose well!