Muay Thai Supplement: Protein Powder For Power And Agility

(Last Updated On: June 2, 2019)

Like any other combat and contact sports where injury is inevitable, suffusing a fighter’s diet with protein-rich food has become a must.  Protein powders are called aptly as supplements to help buff-up your faltering diet.  One just can’t go from training to the dining table consuming a pound of lean meat. Aside from being time-consuming, it will take hours for the protein to kick in.

But with the number of protein powders that can be used as Muay Thai supplements continue to flood the market, picking the best one may not be as simple as you think.  But do Muay Thai fighters need protein powder?  What types of protein powder are known to be excellent in beefing up their training regimen?

The Perks
First, it is important to point out the benefits of protein powder as a Muay Thai supplement.  Like other combat fighters and contact sports athletes, taking protein powder (often in protein shakes form) will help greatly in the production and healing of muscles and tissues.  Muay Thai fighters have to use combination techniques requiring them to train rigorously.  Exposure to tough blows from head to toe also make them prone to injuries and trauma leading muscles to be weakened, strained, or torn in the long run.

Muay Thai protein powder supplements help to ensure that every cellular components making up bodily tissues and organs are carefully attended to by delivering needed biochemical substances for muscle contraction, healing, growth, and improved cardiovascular functions.  Additionally, taking protein powder supplements also aid in the efficient creation of required hormones, nucleic acids, enzymes, and immune system elements needed to amp Muay Thai fighters’ training.  With the adequate amount and the right kind of protein powder, muscles can heal up quicker preventing over-exposure to stress or injury.

Types of Protein Powder For Muay Thai Fighters

While there are various types of protein powder available today, the following– plant-based, whey, casein, beef, and egg– comes highly recommended for tough Muay Thai training and competitions.

Plant-Based. Plant-based protein powder has always come toe to toe in terms of popularity in the market.  Its potent compounds come from isoflavones which help strengthen a fighter’s immune system and heart needed during rigorous training.  It is also jampacked with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, and fiber needed to rebuild muscles and prevent injuries or trauma.  It is a great ally for Muay Thai fighters with known allergies and sensitivity to certain food groups.  One of Amazon’s highly recommended plant-based protein powder for Muay Thai fighters is the Garden of Life Sport Organic Plant-Based Protein Powder.  Gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free and with no added sugars, it is a known partner in post training or post-fight recovery.

Beef-Based.  Known to be a potent source of creatinine and BCAA, beef-based protein powder has also become increasingly popular in the Muay Thai arena as of late.  Devoid of fat and cholesterol when in powder form, this is so much easier to handle than having to cook up a slab of steak slathered in high-cholesterol sauce.  This MuscleTech Platinum Hydrolized Isolate from 100% Beef Protein in Powder form is 390 percent more concentrated than a pound of steak.  It also contains zero collagen or gelatin– and even has delicious vanilla-caramel taste perfect for post-training shakes.

Whey-Based.  Whey has always been a mainstay in the world of athletics and bodybuilding.  The most common protein powder supplement in the market, this type of protein is what one usually gets from eating dairy like cheese, milk or yogurt.  There are 3 types of whey protein powders suitable for Muay Thai though– concentrate, isolate, and hydrolized– and your choice depends on your preference.  For the cheaper yet less insulin route, concentrate is the best way to go.  Lactose intolerant and fighters on low-carb diets, however, will benefit greatly from isolate for their little or no lactose diet and calories. Hydrolized whey, on the other hand, is highly recommended for fighters who find it hard to digest protein (Take note: this is more pricey).  To address pasty/bitter taste, this 100% whey protein powder from Optimum Nutrition in Chocolate Flavor will make your taste buds drool.

Casein Protein-Based Powder.  Casein is whey’s twin brother in the protein powder supplement department.  A milk derivative, it is quite slow to absorb taking at least 3 hours or more.  This is why Muay Thai fighters are advised to take casein protein powder supplements at night prior to sleeping for uninterrupted absorption.  Unlike whey, it has “gelling”properties allowing it to be used as an ingredient in making protein-based ice cream, pudding, and other healthy protein-packed snacks.  An excellent recommendation from Muay Thai trainers is the Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Casein Protein Powder.

Egg Protein.  Egg albumin is known for its jam-packed protein content without the unhealthy sugar or carbohydrates– which virtually means, no high cholesterol dangers.  Egg protein powder comes from the “white” portion of the egg and not from the yolk.  While it may be easy to just crack an egg or two, eating eggs on a daily basis can be time-consuming.  With egg-based protein powder like the Jay Robb Non-GMO Egg White Protein Powder below, one can enjoy natural flavor in a chock-full of pure egg albumin in every tablespoon.

The Right Timing Counts

Without a doubt, protein powder as a Muay Thai supplement will help greatly in a fighter’s training. Whether you choose plant- or animal- based protein powder, the right time to get such protein supplementation into the body counts a lot in building up and healing micro-tears in muscle groups essential in keeping one’s game on top.  Experts advice– drink a protein shake immediately following training or a game.  Within a 30-minute window, protein powder can reach your muscles and immediately start taking action to heal those sinewy tissues for the next big fight.

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