Muay Thai Meal Prep Tips: Eating For Success

(Last Updated On: July 25, 2019)

One of the biggest challenges in training is eating right.  If you only had a loyal butler like Batman’s Alfred, then you could always guarantee perfectly laid out meals at the right place and at the right time.  Combat fighters like those in Muay Thai, have different caloric and nutrient requirements to ensure being in tiptop shape.  They need the perfect combination of complex carbohydrates and proteins as well as supplements and hydration.  But since most busybodies like you hardly have any time to cook, the right Muay Thai meal prep holds the key.

Must Love Carbs and Protein

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Many experts rely on an all-lean-meat diet for Muay Thai.  But traditional combat fighters of this fantastic game have always pointed at two things– balanced meals and at the right time.  For heavy training, focusing on a complex carbohydrate intake and a high protein diet will help increase performance level while keeping a steady stream of amino acids and antioxidants essential for recovery, building strength and endurance levels, and suffusing the immune system with enough protection ensuring that fighters stay healthy no matter how rigorous your training will be.

Complex carbs like whole grain breads or brown rice, fruits and vegetables, tofu, shrimp, chicken and turkey, beef tenderloin tips, nuts, poultry, sweet potatoes, and so on can be slowly digested allowing the body to fend off hunger pangs while one is in training or in a fight.  A quick check in the usual Thai diet will give you an idea on why traditional Muay Thai fighters tend to have immeasurable strength and an insatiable fighting spirit while in the ring — and yes, how they eat has a lot to do with that.

Preparation Is Key

Now that you know what to add to your shopping list and stuff your fridge, it is high time to get into the whole meal preparation process.  Muay Thai meal preparation is not really as complicated as it may seem.  Training with a meal plan will ultimately help optimize your potential as you inch forward to success.  For starters, remove all those junk foods in the pantry and clear out the fridge.  Stuff it with frozen (preferably fresh) fruits and leafy greens.  Add nuts and seeds, a slab of cheese, and a loaf of whole grain bread.  You can make a smoothie and a sandwich, a salad, or simply eat them right off the shelf.

You can pre-cook meat or seafoods, then have them ready via the magical microwave when it’s chow time.  Or have some meat marinated and frozen ready to be thawed, steamed, or grilled.  This will help save time while ensuring that you are getting the protein blast you need each time.  Make do with bread or go for healthier brown rice and quinoa to pair it off.  For smoothies, throw in some leafy greens, nuts, or seeds to add more fiber to your meals.  Remember, you are eating for success and not for some diet fad.

Get That Supplement

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Without a doubt, you will need supplements on top of even the most perfectly laid out Muay Thai meal prep plan.  Supplements make the body easily (and quickly) absorb nutrients allowing for the utmost advantages to your training.  From strength-building MuscleTech Cell-Tech Hyper-Build Creatine + BCAA to probiotics, green powder, turmeric and multivitamins for wellness; beta alanine and BCAA for endurance, Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Whey protein for recovery and so on, these supplements will make one’s combative ability, stamina, strength, power, and speed reach new heights.  Eat hard, train harder– but always support your daily diet with the right supplement to leap your way to success in every fight.