Muay Thai Gloves: What Size To Wear?

(Last Updated On: May 27, 2019)

Starting out with a new sport like Muay Thai can be quite exhilarating to beginners. Not only does the combat sport exciting in itself, looking for the right gear can also double the fun. Muay Thai is a popular sport with a cult following in the East and is slowly spreading to the West particularly in the Americas and in Europe. But while the rising trend on gear, equipment and apparel spread throughout the globe, the one of thing that often call into question is this– what size Muay Thai gloves should I wear?


Muay Thai Gloves Purpose

Whether a newbie or a prized fighter, it leaves no doubt that each must be fully equipped with protective gear during training and, more so, in a fight. Muay Thai allows you to use 4 points of contact via kicks, punches, knee strikes, elbows and kicks. Punching is not just used as an offensive move but also as a defense mechanism thus, the need to get yourself equipped with a pair of Muay Thai gloves that you’re comfortable with. In fact, experts suggest getting the usual gear bundle sold by top brands like the one above from Twins.

There are, however, many types of gloves available today. It is best to note that most gyms require trainees to have a pair of at least 16oz gloves to be able to do training doing pad or bag work. For sparring and clinching practices, however, experts highly recommend using gloves that are bigger or heavier as it allows you to have maximum level of protection from impacts as well as unpleasant mishaps which can easily happen when practicing with an equally inexperienced partner. Bag gloves and competition gloves, on the other hand, tend to be lighter allowing ease of maneuvering and dexterity. Also, gloves use in competition are often laced-up rather than the usual Velcro type used for training for a more rigid fit.

The Right Fit

So, what kind of Muay Thai gloves should you wear? As a general rule of thumb in many gyms and training centers across the globe, it is essential to have two distinct pairs to be used for training and for sparring. Unless you have uncharacteristically large or small hands, coaches and trainers will require you to have a 16oz Muay Thai gloves for sparring like the Twins Red Boxing Gloves below and a 12oz pair for training like bag and pad work like the one above from FairTex. Some gyms, however, may introduce you to heavier gloves for sparring so smaller ones can be easier to maneuver when you make a switch thus, enhancing your punching prowess.

While most brand offer various weight ranging from 4oz to 20oz, Sizes often come in small, medium and large. However, it does not always follow that heavier gloves are bigger in size. In some cases, the amount of padded protection may add to the weight factor while delivering a tighter than usual fit. It is safe to presume though that most big-handed fighters won’t fit into 8oz gloves and often, 8oz and 10oz gloves are used by women. Most who are into training will have to check out what fits them the most in the 12- to 14- oz types and among 16- to 18oz pairs for sparring. Heavyweights may very well have to check out brands which offer 20oz Muay Thai gloves.

Without a doubt, finding the right answer to the question– What size Muay Thai gloves should I wear?– can be challenging. Experts advice is to invest in 2 pairs of gloves for sparring and training. If there’s no Muay Thai gloves available in your locality, you can try on the usual boxing gloves to find your weight and to make estimates on your hand’s size. While the best route is to fit the gloves into your hand, some of the most reliable brands can be found online. With this, you can rely on sound reviews and feedback from experienced fighters to help guide in finding the right brand that fits your hand perfectly.