Muay Thai Gear Packages To Kickstart Your Training

(Last Updated On: June 27, 2019)

As much as you wanted to get a feel of old-school Muay Thai, going to a training gym with nothing but Ong Bak style gear will not get you anywhere.  You will need standard Muay Thai gear packages from gloves to head gear, shinguards, handwraps, ankle support, even those uniquely cut shorts, and so on.  This is even more so when you wish to train at home, as you will need training bags and other equipment to complete your arsenal of learning the sport from scratch.

Choosing It Right

While there are plenty of brands to choose from nowadays, it is wise to scrutinize them to get more value from your money.  Keep in mind that most durable and efficient gear for Muay Thai are often priced steeper than so-so brands.  Apart from that, not all brick and mortar stores near you offer just what you need when starting up your training regimen.

Before you decide what and where to buy, it is essential that you do research on various online retailers and show stores offering Muay Thai gear packages.  For starters, check reviews and feedback on certain brands concerning quality.  Think about not buying cheap protective gear with inferior padding, or a pair of gloves that easily splits or breaks.  While it is not always the norm, many quality gear for Muay Thai are often priced higher than their so-so counterparts.  On top of this, it is also crucial that you buy a brand that fits your own body type.

You may also want to check what expert fighters have to say when it comes to choosing your gear, as well as equipment in Muay Thai training.  Be wary though, as some may be paid for commercial purposes.  The more efficient way is to consult your coach or someone you know who’s been into the sport for long time.  Gaining insights from people who are deep into the sport can truly help.

Muay Thai Gear Packages

When you already have an idea on what to buy, you can scour various brand names online, and retailers carrying Muay Thai gear packs.  Here are some packages which may be of help.

1. Twins Muay Thai Training Gear Pack

One of the top manufacturers of boxing, kickboxing, and Muay Thai gear, the Twins Special brand is quite known in delivering quality items to suit newbies and advanced fighters alike.  From gloves, head gear, shin guards, focus mitts, thigh pads, body protector, to ankle/wrist support, handwraps, jumprope and fightwear, Twins Special have them specially made to last.

This Deluxe Competition Gear Bundle for Muay Thai above makes a great choice when starting your Muay Thai training.  Each pack comes with a pair of lightweight yet durable and generously padded boxing gloves with Velcro wrist, competition shin guards, chin headgear, cotton handwraps, ankle supports, and a convenient sport bag to hold them in.  All you need to add is Muay Thai shorts to fully immerse yourself into the beauty of this sport.

Want to bring your child or a nephew along?  Kids can also learn self-defense via Muay Thai to help build up their confidence and self-reliance.  Like the competition bundle for adults, this Muay Thai kiddie gear package comes complete with a pair of gloves, shin guards and full-face helmet.


Another topnotch brand to deliver Muay Thai gear bundles is Title Boxing.  A popular brand in the contact sports arena, getting your hands on their widely acclaimed training gear bundles will definitely ensure you get more value for your money.  Durable, and longer-lasting, it is designed to withstand even the most extreme beating– without sacrificing your personal style.

This Title Muay Thai training set comes highly recommended by coaches, trainers, champions, and enthusiasts alike.  Aside from saving more money, getting everything in one go will ensure you have what you need.  This Muay Thai gear package comes with a pair of training gloves, 120-inch semi-elastic handwraps, pro-style instep shin guards, and pro contoured punch mitts.  With this, you can save more while enjoying more of your favored sport discipline.

Without a doubt, these Muay Thai gear packages above are excellent choices to consider.  If it’s something unique though, walking into a brick and mortar store in Bangkok or anywhere in Thailand’s main hub for Muay Thai will make a huge difference.  Do you know that some gyms in Thailand offer acomplete gear set when you enroll in their program?  If you can afford it, then why not?