Best Supplement Guide For Muay Thai Fighters

(Last Updated On: June 2, 2019)

Everyone loves a short-cut.  Even Muay Thai fighters have to do that with their performance shakes and chill pills.  With billions of dollars continually being dumped on PR and marketing in the supplement industry, however, finding the best ones can be quite challenging to a fighter who simply wants to better his or her craft.  Muay Thai, being both an aggressive and strategy-based sport, requires that a fighter may need some degree of help to hone those learned skills.  When thinking of starting a healthy and effective pre-, during-, and post- fight regiment, this best supplement guide for Muay Thai can be of help.

Top 5 Muay Thai Supplements

When it comes to Muay Thai supplements, it is important to note that not all companies have to go through regulatory testings.  All they need to do is place a warning as a caveat on those bottles and off they go.  What once may have been beholden could eventually be the failure of their products.  This is why choosing the right supplements must be done with a critical mindset.  Though some highly recommended ones may be more pricey than others, they are tried and tested to deliver results.  Here are the top supplements to add to your arsenal and where to get them.

1. Protein Powder (Performance Enhancement And Recovery)

Muay Thai fighters need a high amount of calories and nutrients to keep energy and recovery levels at an all time high.  Keep in mind that as you train for or when in a fight, you are actually breaking muscles to make the body adapt new skills and get stronger.  The best trainers and fighters will tell you that your progress must always be at par with your ability to recover.  One way of ensuring that nutrients are easily absorbed into the body is to pump up with protein supplements.  This Recovery Protein from Onnit, for instance, comes with potent amino acids for muscle repair, colostrum for stronger immune system, creatine for energy boost and coco water for added hydration.


2. Turmeric Supplement (Reduce Inflammation And Speed Up Recovery)

A not so popular supplement in Western training, but consumed big-time in Thailand, the hub of Muay Thai, is turmeric.  Known to possess potent curcumin compound that fights inflammation, it helps to boost recovery from injury and muscle wastage.  Curcumin also exhibit potent anti-oxidant, antiviral and antibacterial properties essential for keeping immunity in check and faster recovery from muscle soreness, as well as acceleration of muscle repair during rigorous training and competitive fights.  For your turmeric supplement, this Turmeric Force liquid v-caps from New Chapter is highly recommended for its full spectrum potency brought about by supercritical CO2 extraction.


3. Cordyceps Mushroom Supplement (Aerobic Endurance)

Cordyceps Mushroom supplement is another great way to enhance a fighter’s aerobic endurance.  From training, to fight night, to recovery, this ancient treatment method among Easterners has slowly crept into the mentality and supplement regimen of Muay Thai fighters across the globe.  Apart from enhancing endurance, it also boosts energy and improves resistance to fatigue.  To get your daily dose, the Shroomtech Sport from Onnit below is an excellent option.


4. Beta Alanine (Muscular Endurance And Explosive Performance)

Another awesome supplement that allows Muay Thai to train harder and longer without worrying is beta alanine.  This supplement aims to stimulate both anaerobic and aerobic endurance while delaying fatigue to the muscles.  When taken regularly, like an hour or 30mins before training or a game, it helps fuel fighters to push their training regimen to the max.  Get your daily dose of Beta Alanine from AllMax Nutrition’s.  See below.


5. Nootropics Supplement (Improved Focus and Reaction Time)

Muay Thai is not just a game of physical aggression.  In all actuality, power and strength can only be effective when done strategically.  Strategic thinking, however, needs focus and when coupled with reaction time can provide potent prowess in the ring.  Nootropics supplements are known to not just improve focus, but also promotes good sleep, nutrient absorption, memory, and reaction time.  An excellent recommendation for this is the Alpha BRAIN from Onnit.


The Crucial Part

While this best supplement guide for Muay Thai aims to give aspiring fighters a way to boost their prowess, it is imperative to always follow proper healthy diet and lifestyle choices.  There is no short cut to victory nor quick results in Muay Thai.  Building muscles, increasing endurance, fortifying one’s strength, and enhancing recovery as well as managing muscle fatigue and wastage requires proper training, diet, rest and, most importantly, attitude.