7 Best Muay Thai Fighters That Made A Lasting Impression to the Sports

(Last Updated On: August 2, 2019)

Stating who the best Muay Thai fighter in the world is a fodder for debate.  Not only does each and every fighter have distinct skills and characteristics, there are also other aspects like form, respectability, and other features noted by experts and novices alike in these demi-gods.  It’s no longer just about how many belts or trophies one has accumulated over the years, but rather the thought of leaving a lasting impression in the sport itself.  Here’s a good look at some of the most notable fighters.

Daddy Long Legs

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Popular in the 1970s, Pott Lorlek has every Muay Thai fighter on his feet with his aggressive kicks and clinches.  He is best known for his “femur” fighting style which is devised tactically to destabilize an opponent’s sense of balance.  If you check some of Lorlek’s highlights in this VIDEO, it is clear to see how such an aggressive stance simply catches an opponent off-guard, leading him to conquer the ring each time.  Today, Lorlek is busy teaching future Muay Thai fighters, as well as having fun refereeing for other renown fighters like the Pud Pad Noy vs Wichanoi in 2012 at the Omnoi Stadium.

The Kicking Dutchman

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While most fighters in the world are predominantly Thais, this doesn’t stop Ramon Dekkers from finding out if Western fighters can also do the same.  And oh boy, so he did!  In fact, Dekkers was one of the most renowned Muay Thai fighters in the global arena, and had inspired many MMA fighters today to take heed in training for the discipline to better their craft.  With 8 world titles safely tucked under his belt, fans continue to hold reverence to him even after his demise.  Check out Dekker’s fighting style HERE.

The Pitbull

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Soft spoken and small in build, one may not easily recognize the man behind those Muay Thai shorts as a champion in his own right.  Karuhat Sor Supawan, the raging pitbull in the ring in his prime, continues to inspire many young Thai fighters to do their best even with certain limitations.  With a 163 – 23 record, its no wonder he’s also revered as one of the topnotch coaches up to this day.  Check out his fighting style HERE.

Mr. Congeniality

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One name and anyone on any side of the world knows precisely it means Muay Thai— Buakaw.  Even if Buakaw Banchamek never had any Lumpinee title under his name, his work in showcasing the beauty and artistic ability of Muay Thai to the whole world is worthy of praise.  He exudes a certain rawness, and rigidity that many wish to emulate in their own fighting style.  With Buakaw, it comes naturally, like a lion pouncing on its prey.  See his fighting highlights HERE.

The Emperor

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Before Buakaw though, there was Namsakmoi Yudthagarngamtorn.  Popularly known as The Emperor during his heyday in the Muay Thai arena, he was one figher who commanded attention with every kick, elbow, clinch, and punch.  Swift as a Cheetah and kicks like a kangaroo, it is no wonder he retired with a 285 – 15 record and continues to coach up to this day.  Check out the highlights of his fighting style HERE.

The Golden Leg

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Starting a career on a lanky 14-year old frame, Pud Pad Noy Worawoot had the world worshipping his feet in the 70s.  He was honored and revered by royalties and statesmen, and had built a 135 – 15 professional record.  Even the King of Thailand had recognized the boy with the “golden leg” from Issan.  In 2012, he dusted off his gloves and Muay Thai gear to fight with Wichanoi.  With Poot Lorlek as referee, it truly cemented these warriors places as some of the best ever Muay Thai fighters.  Check out his fighting style HERE.

Master Showman

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Last but not least, the Showman himself– Saenchai.  Like an annointed star in the Muay Thai ring, he has always shown great feats in every fight.  Some call him the Magician, as he can swiftly move around, showing astounding agility, but with a fierceness that’s purely predatorial.  At 34, Saenchai is still making magic in the ring like the master he truly is.  Check this video on why they call his moves magical.

There really is no anointed best Muay Thai fighter.  Demi-gods in the ring, perhaps, is the right title to give.  With their fierceness and virility, one can even say these fighters are truly descended from the gods of Olympus.  With or without a title to their name, their presence alone has made a lasting impression that forms the Muay Thai sport we know today.