5 Muay Thai Body Transformation Lessons: Going Beyond The Physical

(Last Updated On: July 29, 2019)

If you are a prolific weight watcher and have considered Muay Thai as a new sports-workout of choice– stop and read this first!  Muay Thai body transformation tales from actual people who’ve trained for this sport discipline can very well tell you that there’s more to it than just tipping down the scale.  Beyond ripping your muscles, while improving agility, power, stamina, and stability, much of its training regimen is focused on transforming both the body and the mind.  Here are some of the most notable mind and body transformation lessons emanating from this sport:

1.  It’s a hardcore workout, one that will make you reap astounding results.  From beginning to end, the challenges can be excruciating.  You will be in for a big challenge day after day after day.  It requires rigorous workout techniques that will unleash your flexibility, dexterity, strength, and quick thinking.  It’s a combination of strength and resistance, cardio, and endurance training with mind conditioning and strategy building.  You’ll be using every sinewy muscle in your body– guaranteed!  You’ll also learn that with constant training, you can now move around or do chores with significantly greater ease than before.

2.  Self-defense is part and parcel of your workout routine in Muay Thai.  While it is dominated by men, the sport has continually attracted women from all walks of life as a sense of empowerment.  While some women may get into the sport to tone muscles or to shed off extra pounds, the idea of being able to topple a predator in the nastiest way possible is definitely a huge bonus.  Techniques on how to subdue an attacker using the famous 8 limbs are not only effective, they’re easy to learn as well.  Consistent training for at least 3 to 4 months will help one improve his/her self-defense techniques in various situations.

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3.  There is no such thing as reaching a plateau in Muay Thai body transformation training.  Some fitness enthusiasts get bored with their monotonous training routine and often, experience burnout leading them to abandon their goals and objectives.  With Muay Thai, you are guaranteed to achieve your fitness goals while learning proper form and technique not taught in current sports workout activities.  Muay Thai pushes you to continue learning and honing your skill set.  This makes the workout plateau irrelevant as you are always on the lookout for the right moves, timing, and strategies– while improving your physique at the same time.

4.  It releases you from certain “mind burdens” like stress, and other pent-up emotions.  Spending an hour or two kicking, punching, or elbowing can help alleviate bad feelings that keep nagging at the back of your mind.  Full body workout routines and sparring sessions can get your mind off those worries and allow you to redirect your focus to the mat.  This gives you the utmost control over your emotions, and be able to think on the level– something that other workout training routines cannot give.

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5.  Muay Thai lessons on body transformation will help you to gain a more positive mindset in life.  It may sound silly to talk about a rather rough and violent sport this way.  However, time and again, it has proven to be a catalyst of change.  It helps to teach you why doing something wrong over and over again will only have you ending up hurt.  It teaches you to never quit, and to always look for ways to improve yourself, particularly your techniques.  Truly there are not that many sports which teach patience and persistence more eloquently and effectively than Muay Thai.

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Without a doubt, Muay Thai body transformation routines encourage going beyond just improving the physical self.  When thinking of going into the discipline as a fitness workout, it is important to set your goals and learn ways on how to achieve them.  As always, pain is temporary.  Wear your bruises as a badge of honor and make sure to use and continue honing learned skill sets to better yourself as a whole.  One thing’s for sure, when getting into the challenge of body transformation for Muay Thai– it will be worth it.