What It Takes To Be A Female Muay Thai Fighter

(Last Updated On: August 2, 2019)

So, what does it take to be a female Muay Thai fighter?  Is it a walk in the park to go into combat training in a male-dominated sport?  What challenges are expected when going deep into the sport?  Though there are known women fighters in Muay Thai across the globe, it cannot be helped that women are still regarded as some sort of wallflower in a discipline where male dominance reigns supreme.  To many who have not yet been there, these observations and challenges can help make the journey easier to performing one’s first Wai Kru in the ring.

1.  Definitely not one of the boys.  Though many uphold gender equality as a sense of pride, Muay Thai men still see women as meeker, gentler creatures.  In a training center filled with men, a woman can always be seen as an outsider– welcomed yet kept at a distance, like a porcelain vase that can be easily broken.  On another perspective, a man may feel a little giddy being partnered with a woman.  Hitting a girl has always been considered taboo in society, but some may take gender equality to a whole new level and just go around lobbing your face swollen to keep that stance.  Your main aim is to show what you’ve got and earn the respect that you so deserve.

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2.  Weight watching feels so juvenile– that is, compared to cutting weight.  After weeks of rigorous training that puts you in a daze of excitement to finally conquer the ring, so does the challenge of cutting weight.  Perceived as experts in the weight loss arena, cutting weight while building strength and agility can be a hard push-and-pull, drag-you-down a bottomless pit affair.  Think twice the cardio, and maintain a clean, zero-cheat-day diet.  Water cutting while drained from sweaty training.  Resilience is what is needed for the female Muay Thai fighter, which will allow you to prevail in the end.

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3.  Women fighting in the ring always commands attention.  There’s that unique fierceness among lionesses that enthralls a pack.  Donning the best Muay Thai shorts, tank top, ankle straps, and boxing gloves with cornrows or dreadlocks to secure those riotous tresses, it’s that rawness of emotions evident in many women fighter’s faces that make up the fiercest gladiators.  Definitely, a Wai Kru is as graceful as a gazelle, but the fight that ensues will be as fierce as a lioness hunting a hyena.

4.  You will command a lot of attention.  Friends and foe alike will think you have gone insane for trading your stilettos in for training shoes.  Yes, there will be a lot of adoration from other women who share your passion, but part of the cut may also be the disdainful looks from girlie-girls who see Muay Thai as nothing but a violent sport where a ripped lip can never be glossed over with lipstick.  But hey, it’s a big world out there.  The open-minded ones will always see you as someone strong, and fierce.  So as long as you love what you’re doing..

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5.  Last but not least, dating a non-Muay Thai guy can be tough.  Men can easily get intimated with your rock hard abs and well-toned biceps and triceps.  Yes, you can be gorgeous, and downright beautiful, but there will always be that sharp edge when a guy knows you do Muay Thai.  Well, it’s a male-dominated sport and somewhere along the way, you might bump into someone who spars, turns into a boyfriend, and may even become husband material in the long run.

Definitely, it’s a golden opportunity to become a female Muay Thai fighter.  Apart from the fighting and defensive skills you learn, you get to imbibe a unique strength of character built around discipline and passion.  It will make you feel like a whole new woman– stronger, grounded, and humbled.  Now, you can wear a pair of stilettos sashaying with nary a care about what others think of your new beloved sport.  Stand your ground, lady!  It’s no easy feat being a female and a Muay Thai fighter to boot.