Top Reasons To Buy The Best Muay Thai Elbow Pads

(Last Updated On: June 2, 2019)

One may ask, is there really a need to find the best Muay Thai elbow pads?  For that, every master in the traditional training ring would probably agree that you should, that is, if you want to save those jawlines from getting bruised.  It is common knowledge, however, that elbow pads are the most underutilized gear in Western training as evidenced by their poor offense-defense technique pertaining to the elbows.  When thinking of getting proficient in elbow strikes, it is only fitting to find the best gear to go with it.

Training With Elbows

While most Thai fighters do not train elbow strikes for the sake of training per se, one can easily see this in their offense techniques during a ring fight.  Many of these fighters, by the way, have been trained while young and have mastered the Art of the 8 Limbs without being too blatant about it.  In all honesty, the elbows are often used as a means of self-discipline as they are deemed a no-no in many training studios across Thailand.

Elbows are considered lethal in the ring when done accurately.  Its sharp and angular structure makes it the perfect offensive weapon.  To someone not familiar with the elbows use, training with the use of a good pair of elbow pads can help greatly in turning around your game.  Using one when sparring will not only protect you, but also your partner from sustaining serious (and often, bloody) injuries.  Learning about elbow strikes and defense cannot happen overnight though.  You need to master the many angular positions and degree of attacks.  Being new to your fighting style, it will need a lot of getting used to and finding the best Muay Thai elbow pads will help start the game rolling for you.

The RDX Advantage

When looking for the best elbow pads to aid in your Muay Thai training, the RDX Support Bandage Elasticated Elbow Protector comes highly recommended.  A popular pick also with MMA trainers, these elbow pads provide topnotch protection while maintaining comfort and agility.  Its main advantage– these pads are built for elbow strikes with newbies in mind.  It allows first-timers to gain traction in learning how to properly place elbow strikes without any hitch as it uses soft synthetic material with lightweight carbon-fiber padding and a crossover Velcro strapping lock system.  This design allows not just optimal durability but also utmost comfort and confidence that it won’t dislodged even when elbow strikes are done awkwardly.

The RDX Elbow Pads also boasts of dri-fit moisture management system.  So even if you sweat bullets, this particular gear will continue to hold its place on your elbow firmly.  Of course, the added compression mechanism of the extended sleeves also promotes active blood flow essential in delivering energy to your arm muscles.  Guess what?  It can also withstand continued use and can last 30 percent longer than most brands.  With red, blue and black, you can choose whichever design can give your game a lift.

Get On With Your Game


Fight like traditional Muay Thai champions do!  Finding the best Muay Thai elbow pads is but a start for you to amplify your game.  Train religiously and do so with vengeance and passion.  Never settle for anything less when training to be a champ.  See to it that you master the Art of the 8 Limbs and make sure to learn how elbows can add explosiveness to your fighting prowess.