Muay Thai Gloves vs Boxing Gloves: What Every Beginner Should Know

(Last Updated On: June 2, 2019)

Do you know how to differentiate sporting gloves?  Learning the difference between Muay Thai gloves vs boxing gloves can be quite challenging to the inexperienced beginner.  One quick look and both pairs seem to address the same purpose– provide a protective barrier for both fighters.  When thinking of training for Muay Thai, however, learning how to buy the right pair can spell a lot of difference, particularly in sparring sessions.

Hard core Muay Thai fighters can make do with bare hands.  But today, every competition in town– Muay Thai or traditional boxing– requires proper gear, like a pair of gloves, to be afforded entry to a match.  While it may sound cumbersome and less flexible, wearing of hand gloves during a training sessions or a fight can protect both players from eventual disaster.  So between the two, one thing remains constant– real protection from unknown danger that either sport discipline can inflict on others.

Muay Thai Gloves

When it comes to training for Muay Thai, you will easily understand that picking a pair of gloves can either mean that of a traditional boxing gloves or that of a standard Muay Thai glove.  Yes, both can be used interchangeably between these two sports disciplines.  The difference when it comes to flexibility, however, can be evident between the two–and that means a mountain of difference.

Muay Thai gloves deliver a more flexible option for a fighter even when fist is clenched.  It is generally less stiff than that of a pair of boxing gloves to allow a fighter more freedom to do a grip or a grab during a clinch.  In most brands, the thumb is designed to be directly integrated into the glove’s frame instead of being stitched separately.  A quick look will somehow reveal a more squared look with a heavier top in the frontal area than that of a boxing gloves.  This seemingly less angular perspective allow a lot of difference in the weight distribution.  In a way, this delivers a less aerodynamic design lessening the impact during rapid punching combination.

Top Muay Thai Gloves Pick

When looking to buy a pair, beginners can very well get into the groove of their training with the Fairtex Muay Thai Boxing Gloves BGV-1.  This excellent bang for your buck gloves are quite popular among many Thai fighters as well as foreign enthusiasts training in Thailand.  Made with premium quality leather using Fairtex’s signature tri-layer foam system, it ensures tight hand and knuckle protection as well as adequate shock dispersement.  Ergonomically engineered, it has a unique contour designed for a tighter, more secure-and-snug fit.

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Traditional Boxing Gloves

Your good old boxing pair of gloves is thought to be more rigid than Muay Thai gloves.  Instead of the thumb area stitched collectively with the mold, it is done so separately in most boxing gloves brands.  Amid the hundreds of brands out there, boxing gloves are noted to be more angular in shape.  The fist area is more pronounced, usually with a tapered wrist area compared to that of a squared and thick front wrist design of Muay Thai gloves.  This somehow creates a huge difference in terms of punching performance particularly when hitting bags and pads as well as during sparring sessions.

When on the lookout for a good pair of boxing gloves for training sessions as a beginner, the Venum Challenger 2.0 Boxing Gloves comes highly recommended.

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This cheap yet quality pair of gloves is used for both traditional boxing tournaments and in Muay Thai.  The Venum Challenger 2.0 is designed in Thailand and highly recommended to those still learning how to master the art of punching and clinching.  Made with tri-density padded foam with top hand protection as well as a large Velcro wrist strap, it ensures snug-fit comfort to bring in more punching limberness during training or even in a fight.

Which Pair To Pick?

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When picking between Muay Thai gloves vs. Boxing Gloves, the answer all depends on you.  Both types of gloves, however, are admissible to Muay Thai training and fights.  So, that gives you plenty of legroom to wiggle around your decision.  As always, it is best to settle with not just the right weight or padding, and aesthetics.  When it comes to learning the very core of Muay Thai discipline, choosing a pair that makes your hands “feel” at ease in every jab or punch is more highly recommended.  Try picking one from each category if possible.  Practice well.  When the time comes, you can easily breeze through any gloves offered in the market to truly showcase your prowess.